So Zap

“So Zap is an Urban Thai Kitchen that serves foods from all over Thailand. It takes the most popular and traditional flavors from every corner of the country and combines them into a multitude of mouthwatering goodness."

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"So Zap is So Good" We really meant it.

In English "Zap" means to empower, excite or electrify.

Zap is a word in Northeastern Thai dialect. As time went "Zap" became the Thai slang for "Delicious". Note that "Zap" can also mean something that hits you so satisfactorily; perhaps it is a film, an episode of TV Drama, a piece of writing, or a song. Something that hits you right in the heart- you are totally into it.

If someone asks you to dinner, assure them the food is "So.. Zap"

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